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8982Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Brachial Neuritis

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  • AVansi7465@aol.com
    Mar 4, 2002
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      In a message dated 3/4/2002 9:19:47 AM Eastern Standard Time, micky@...

      > I have a question that might be hep C related, I don't know.
      > My cousin in London has hep C and has done interferon/riba tx some time
      > ago.Didn't work, he was left with a thyroid problem and has to take pills
      > for the rest of his life.
      > He was fine up to a few months ago when he started feeling really fatigued
      > and now he wrote to me saying that he has a viral infection called Brachial
      > Neuritis and is going through a lot of pain.
      > He wants to know if this can be hep C related and wants to know if any of
      > you has had this and what to do.
      > May be one of you knows about this condition??
      > thanks for your help!
      > love and light
      > Micky

      Dear Micky,
      Go to the American Association of Family Practice web site
      (http://www.aafp.org/afp/20001101/2067.html). This will get you started. In
      the meantime, it might be an idea for him to find a VERY good chiropractor.
      Hope this helps.

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