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8429Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] re teeth/eye problems

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  • Carol
    Jan 1, 2002
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      Anne, that is an excellent suggestion about checking out a dental
      school, however I know that Vancouver didn't have one. My dentist(s)
      have been trained in Calgary which is about a 12 hour drive.
      Darn..but I will check if any new school has opened. A city the size
      of Vancouver, with 2 major universities should have one. About your
      mom and your aunt, that must have been a terrible situation, having
      the jaw problems. Major Kudos for them getting the implants!! And
      you can put me in the same category for teeth problems as your Mom and
      Aunt. ARGGG it just ticks me off...but that's the way it is. This is
      something I will for sure look into, Thanks Anne.


      AVansi7465@... wrote:
      > In a message dated 12/31/2001 9:29:22 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      > csean@... writes:
      > > Well, I'm somewhat younger than your aunt, 49. I sure don't
      > > understand why a 75 year old would even bother if it thetas painful and
      > > expensive. When I get my next root canal, I'll ask Dentist the cost.
      > > Guess I could start saving now and in the next 3-5 years maybe have
      > > enough. But it's rather hard to save when on disability LOLL. Thanks
      > > Anne, I had no clue they even could do that!
      > >
      > Dear Carol:
      > My aunt had her whole mouth done. The reason she did that at her age is that
      > she can't wear dentures because her jaw bone is so misaligned, which is why
      > her teeth fell out in the first place. She had the choice of the implants or
      > walking around with her mouth wired shut for 6+ months. She chose the former
      > since her teeth were already a wreck anyway. She and my Mother have the two
      > worst set of teeth I've ever seen. They aren't related, by the way.
      > If you live near a dental school and don't mind being something of a guinea
      > pig, you might be able to get your implants for next to nothing. Mother's
      > neighbor went that route. I think the whole thing cost her $300.00 and most
      > of that was the gas she used getting from Clinton to Chapel Hill and back.
      > Mother's bone deterioration is such that she can't have implants, so when the
      > tooth that is holding her telescopic bridge in goes bye-bye that will be
      > that.
      > Check out the dental school idea. I know what you mean about trying to save
      > on disability. I'm there, too.
      > LOL,
      > Anne
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