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8428RE:update and question

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  • runabout_104
    Jan 1, 2002
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      Yes, my friend ws a genotype 1a and she did a year on the old combo-
      rebetron and rebetol. She went thru a lot but she made it.
      I hv a question. I hv seen this mentioned on a couple of other boards
      but no one hs explained it. What is this pain in the gut??Is this due
      to peg or is it more hep problems. A couple of other people who is on
      interferon hd mentioned it around the 6th-8th week and low and behold
      I am experiecing it now and hv been for the last couple of weeks. I
      am on week 7 of peg. Feels like where u run for awhile and get that
      pain. Any info appreciated.