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8416Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Claudine o/t

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  • Carol
    Dec 31 6:22 PM
      Yep Claudine, I have all those things, a back up disk etc, I defrag
      regularly, scandisk etc. The problem is illegal page faults, frequent
      crashes...and I mean frequent. I've had this problem before, it's
      win98, it's rather unstable. Also I was told that maybe the RAM is
      bad. I want to up the ram to the max, so I'm going to make sure they
      check the RAM, if they say it's ok and I add ram, and it still does
      this, then warranty or no warranty, heads are going to roll. LOL. It
      has to go to the shop, the warranty runs out on Jan. 19, although I
      have another years warranty for labour.

      And yes, I will go nuts without it. Guess I'll catch up on my

      claudine intexas wrote:
      > Good luck with the computer! I'd go nuts without mine
      > I think. Mine came with a windows restoration program.
      > I've had to use it twice. Now I have made a back-up
      > floppy disk that will boot the computer up so I can
      > run a scan disk program to find and repair errors.
      > Maybe you should see if you can get this. Good luck!
      > Claudine
      > PS Don't you have a scan disk program? Under
      > programs, accessories, system tools?
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