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7687Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Speaking of minds when we hv hep

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  • AndromedaGurl
    Nov 1, 2001
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      Sylv, all, I heard on the radio that the gov is gonna eliminate using
      marijuana for medicinal purposes completely. I am assuming they do not mean

      If i smoked some pot, even during treatment, I'd just eat and sleep
      hahahaha. And, it gives me a bad headache, I had migraines all thru
      treatment, don't need anymore haha.

      But then everything gives me a headache, heck breathing gives me a headache!

      Anyway, anyone heard about the gov stopping pot?

      Sorry if I'm incoherent. I have a headache.

      (couldn't resist! haaaaaaaaaaaaa)

      Honey not tonight. I have a headache.

      No washing dishes today. I have a headache.

      Chocolate is good for headaches ESPECIALLY Halloween chocolate!

      Chocolate is my friend.

      chocolate alley
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