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7685Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Speaking of minds when we hv hep

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  • sylvati
    Nov 1, 2001
      what works for me at times like this is marijuana. I successfully completed
      peg combo using this and no anti depressants. I'm looking forward to the day
      when taking my medicine is no longer a criminal activity. love Sylv
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      Subject: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Speaking of minds when we hv hep

      > Wsn't that kind of what we were talking about?? I hv noticed such
      > IRRITIBILITLY lately that i can't even stand myself and i wonder what
      > it will be when/if i ever do get on the peg. I loose the smallest
      > thing and it becomes the biggst thing that ever ws. I know this is
      > very extreme, but i become so upset, I walk around the house crying
      > and getting myself so upset that i end up upsetting the whole family.
      > Is this part of it, strss of the disease, not being able to get th
      > medicaton. I hv been told "next week" so many times that i wonder how
      > long a damn week is. Anybody else hv this or a remedy to it, Any y in
      > the heck does it take sooooo long to get on this medicaton. I called
      > my insusurance company today and they said i ws denied on Oct 1 and
      > there hs been no more activity since regardng my case. Even hep
      > neighborhood who i put so much faith in (and still try too because i
      > now they hv done wonders for so many of you) hv told me next week so
      > much that when does next week come! I know there were prob a lot of
      > ahead of me but if its a month say a month, don't next week me to
      > death. Now they r saying as soon a they get the faxed prescripton it
      > will be 36 hrs.
      > We shall see.
      > cher
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