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7076RE: Hep/Methadone (DOC)

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  • cher_002@yahoo.com
    Sep 9, 2001
      Doc-Thank you for responding. I understood some of what u were
      telling me about the meth/hep, but some of the info, I'm sorry, I
      didn't understand. I take it optimal effect means ideally, but how do
      we know when that is happening. Also, could it be possible that
      methadone would make your liver enzymes go up. When I first started @
      a methadone clinic my AST ws 38 (reference range 15-37 and ALT ws 63
      reference range 10-60--so just a little high according to their
      reference range and then 7 months later I go and get checked for hep
      C and it comes back positive but AST and Alt are then in double
      digits AST ws 121 and ALT 144 (reference ranges 0-40 on both) Since
      then my AST and ALT hv been climbing a little higher since. Till now
      AST is 145 and ALT 195. Cd it be the methadone hving something to do
      with making these enzymes keep going up??? Any info appreciated. I
      must hv had this disease for a very long time for my liver to be in
      the shappe it is (cirrohis) Also, all this time cd be my liver
      enzmymes hv been going up and down or because now the methadone it hs
      woke the dragon up so to speak. I hv read a couple of places that it
      is okay to take meth and hv hep, but if the rising of enzmye levels
      then I don't see how this cd be so. Any info would be appreciate.
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