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7014Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] PCR Test results

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  • claudine intexas
    Sep 5, 2001
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      Hi Bob,
      I will be the first to say I strongly dislike the
      newer viral load tests being done routinely,
      especially since such better ones are available.
      However, since you aren't on treatment it is not
      really an issue. I just am the kind who doesn't like
      change, lol! I don't like the new IU. Your lab though
      looks like it gave your results in both copies/ml and
      in IU per ml.
      To accurately compare to your old figure of
      600,000 you would need to know if that was copies, or
      IUs. However, either way your new PCR is higher, not

      It is 2,420,000 copies per ml
      952,000 IU per ml.

      The other figures given (Less than 10000 copies/mL and
      Less than 6000 IU/mL) are the reference ranges of the
      tests, not the results. Meaning it wouldn't pick up
      anything less than those amounts.

      Ok, don't let this throw you, that your PCR is so much
      higher now. This same thing happened to me when I
      stopped treatment, and I have since found out it is so
      common as to be considered normal for the viral load
      to skyrocket when treatment is stopped. Mine went from
      50,000 to almost a million at my one-year post
      treatment PCR. Needless to say, I was in total shock,
      and panic. Some kind person wrote and told me it would
      gradually go back down. And guess what, it did. By
      about 18 - 20 months post treatment it was back to
      just about my pretreatment viral load. And the really
      strange thing is that this huge viral load increase
      seems to do no damage, at least that is what I have
      read. And, considering my biopsy results this past
      March (zero fibrosis when before I had stage 1), there
      must be something to that! So I know it's scary, but
      don't panic.

      Ok, on your second question about slightly lipemic, I
      don't know. Sorry!

      Are you considering going back on treatment with
      either of the new pegylated interferons?
      Take care,

      > HCV RNA, QN, PCR, Expanded
      > hcv rna, qn,
      > pcr...............................2420000 H
      > ............Less
      > than 10000 copies/mL
      > hcv rna, pcr ....................................
      > 952000 H.............Less
      > than 6000 IU/mL
      > ALT
      > .............................................108
      > H.............35 or less IU/L

      > Q. I have been off treatment now for over one year.
      > They pulled me off after
      > six months because my PCR at six months was 600,000
      > just like it was when I
      > started treatment. If I am reading this right my PCR
      > is much lower now. Am I
      > reading this right? And if so what does it mean?
      > Q. What does Slightly Lipemic mean? And what are the
      > ramifications?

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