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6515Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Need an opinion...quick

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  • Doc
    Jul 24, 2001
      Abdominal swelling may be due to
      1.ascites or fluid in abdomen: seems unlikely if CT is normal
      2.Gastroparesis, or sluggish emptying of stomach, no test will show that and it is a clinical
      3.Increase wt gain , cause has to be investigated
      4. abdominal mass, again unlikely since CT is normal

      Seems like you may have gastroparesis and or weight gain. None of them is a serious disorder.
      Your Doc must have found the UGI normal so he wants to make sure colon is normal too, which it would
      be as your CT is already normal.

      Dr Sharat C Misra MD, DM

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      Subject: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Need an opinion...quick

      Hi everyone,
      To update you, I've been having trouble with abdominable swelling. Had a cat
      scan done a month ago and it didn't show anything. Last week, had an Upper
      GI done. Today the doc's nurse left a message that my tests were back and
      that the doc said I need to have a colon-scopy and to call to get the date
      set up.

      A month ago he said I did not need one since I had one two years ago. So, of
      course, I'm letting my imagination run wild. I'm thinking that something has
      definitely shown up from the Upper GI.

      I'm still bloated/swelled up, have not really gained any weight, but it's
      getting more difficult to eat cause I feel like I'm full all of the time. I
      do not pass much air at all.

      So, anyone got any ideas or opinions what the possible problem can be? I
      won't be able to talk to the nurse until Thursday afternoon; in the meantime,
      I'll go nuts. Thanks!

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