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6444Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Sweating

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  • claudine intexas
    Jul 10, 2001
      --- Tatezi <tatezi@...> wrote:
      But hypothyroid (underactive) causes
      > you to be cold while
      > hyperthyroid (overactive) causes heat. Go
      > figure....

      I think whoever 'decided' this was nuts! Everyone I
      know who has hypothyroidism seems to be heat
      sensative! I began to be extremely sensitive to heat
      several years before I was diagnosed with HCV and
      interferon kicked my thyroid gland over the edge. I
      would be drenched in sweat when everone around me was
      cool and dry. Either heat or activity would start me
      sweating. And when my thyroid gland did stop
      functioning while I was on treatment I experienced
      symptoms of both hypo and hyper thyroidism. In fact, I
      probably had more of the so-called hyperthyroid
      symptoms than hypothyroidism. I am still sensative to
      the heat and seem to sweat more than others around me,
      but since my TSH down to UNDER 1 I don't have nearly
      the problem with it that I used to. I suspect I was
      experiencing subclinical hypothyroid symptoms for
      years before it actually showed up in blood tests.

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