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6438Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Sweating

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  • Tatezi
    Jul 9, 2001

      If I remember right (and with this brain fog that isn't always the
      case), the TSH is the hormone the brain produces that takes over when
      the thyroid isn't doing it's job. I think it's T9 or something they
      measure for hyperthyroid....at least that's what it is in cats.

      Now this happened to me some months ago, so research might have made
      some new findings. It is common for older wimmin to become
      hypothyroid....not to mention those of us on rebetron. And ofcourse
      each person is an individual. I think Claudine said when her TSH was 13
      she could barely move....yet I was just a tad tired with mine at 110.

      BTW, someone talked about sensitivity to the sun. I remember when I
      first signed up with Commitment to Care they warned me of sensitivity to
      the sun. I've not experienced it but it must be common if it's something
      they warn you about.


      > If you'll read the newer stuff on thyroid, they found that for women
      > esp, anything above a 2 can cause hypothyroid problems. ....As my
      > thyroid slowly lowers after treatment, my symptoms are slowly going
      > away too.
      > Just becuase they say something is "normal" doesn't always mean it's
      > normal for you.

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