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6437Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Sweating

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  • Alley/Pat
    Jul 9, 2001
      tat says <<Normal TSH (what they measure for hypothyroid) is .5 to 5.5. >>

      If you'll read the newer stuff on thyroid, they found that for women esp,
      anything above a 2 can cause hypothyroid problems. It did with me. I was
      5.75, my test said normal was 6. As my thyroid slowly lowers after
      treatment, my symptoms are slowly going away too.

      Just becuase they say something is "normal" doesn't always mean it's normal
      for you.

      So be careful, check things out, find a thyroid specialist if you think it
      could be that.

      Sometimes, it's just the hep and some things we have to deal with it the
      best we can.

      If the sweats really bother you, see a specialist :)

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