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6434Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Sweating

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  • Tatezi
    Jul 9, 2001
      Normal TSH (what they measure for hypothyroid) is .5 to 5.5. Mine was
      always fine until rebetron blew out my thyroid several months ago and it
      jumped to 110. But hypothyroid (underactive) causes you to be cold while
      hyperthyroid (overactive) causes heat. Go figure....all I know is that
      up until about 7 years ago I didn't mind the heat at all and now I
      really suffer from it.

      Hey, maybe it's age that does it <g> and it has nothing to do with our
      hep or livers.

      Alley/Pat wrote:

      > Marjorie,
      > Yep can cause it, but rule out other factors too. Like thyroid.
      > An optimum thryoid (I have read) for women is 1 to 2. Tho tests say up
      > to 6
      > is good, they are finding that for many women, over 2 starts giving
      > hypothyroid symptoms.
      > About.com has a lot of good info on thyroid.
      > I'm no doctor k, this is just what I've read.
      > I sweat too, easily and get hot flashes, not so much as I used to
      > before
      > treatment and during tx. So hopefully even that is getting better :)
      > But I'm still sensitive to heat ick!
      > alley
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