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6397Ulcers, stones, pains and lemons

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  • hootershooter@excite.com
    Jun 28, 2001

      Funny you should mention ulcers....I'm now going to be tested for
      that too...my mom has peptic ulcers....she was born with 2
      duodenum's (she went down in medical history for that)...so my doc
      wants to rule out what I have and what I don't have. (she also has
      peptic ulcer disease)

      My heart is also getting tested so I get to sport a holter monitor
      around tomorrow.

      Incredible that I have all these "problems", I've never smoked,
      woulnd't even consider myself a casual drinker (I never liked the
      taste of alcohol) and I will admit to trying drugs but that's as far
      as it went. (i'm not gonna get arrested for saying that right?

      Oh well...when life throws you lemons, you try to make lemonaide
      right??? All you can do.

      --- In GIWorld-Hepatitis@y..., Arkhepcgal@a... wrote:
      > Hi Sondra,
      > I've got some brain fog here, but it seems that sometimes the gall
      > can be affected with Hep C, but why and what it does, I can't
      > Any chance you could have an ulcer? I will get that type of
      pain...and a
      > sharp 'backache' when I get one.
      > Hope you find out something soon.
      > Betty
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