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6395Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] That pain in my side

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  • tazzee28@webtv.net
    Jun 27, 2001
      HI TAZIE I thought i was the only taz in town .(I REALY DONT THINK
      THAT THIS WORLD IS READY FOR TWO HEP C TAZZES !!) look out!! as far as
      I know what info. I found about your question that you posted is
      nothing thats rite nothing ! but i thought i would try to loosen the
      site up with a little smile.after I read about the passing of dave
      today,please i dont mean to make light of his passing .as far as I see
      it we have the best person to get the message to the big guy up
      there.(THANKS DAVE !) we will all at some time meet. except for tazie
      we have somebody down to ask these silly questions sorry tazie just a
      joke!! AS far as the hep-c its just a trade off for my wifes P M S . and
      also even when they do find cure for hep B & C I think i will miss the
      brain fog its the best excuse i ever had to get in trouble and get a hug
      at the same time haaa well thats all folkes WAYNE M.(aka
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