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6394Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] That pain in my side

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  • Tatezi
    Jun 27, 2001
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      The liver, gallbladder and pancreas all sorta work together so it makes
      sense with our hep c that we would have gallbladder and pancreas
      problems also. I don't remember how they work together or even what they
      do exactly (although we can live just fine without a gallbladder).

      When I was first diagnosed my vet did an autopsy on a dog with me to
      show me how all three things....and the digestive system....work
      together. But that was before this brain fog settled over me so I can't
      explain it.


      Arkhepcgal@... wrote:

      > Hi Sondra,
      > I've got some brain fog here, but it seems that sometimes the gall
      > bladder
      > can be affected with Hep C, but why and what it does, I can't
      > remember.
      > Any chance you could have an ulcer? I will get that type of
      > pain...and a
      > sharp 'backache' when I get one.
      > Hope you find out something soon.
      > Betty
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