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6387Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] That pain in my side

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  • Constance Dickson
    Jun 26, 2001
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      Sondra, lots of us have gall stones, it seems like.
      So maybe it is your gall bladder. I bet you are
      relieved that the nausea and stuff are gone. Wonder
      what the pink stuff was, maybe I need to pick up a
      gallon or 2....lol.....I am glad you feel
      better......Take Care,
      --- hootershooter@... wrote:
      > Ok..that pain that WAS on my side...it's gone! It's
      > been there for
      > like 6 months...constant....
      > Yesterday I went to the hospital because it got
      > extremely bad, and my
      > heart was just pounding, and pulse and I haven't
      > been able to eat
      > much for the last two weeks (dropped 10 pds,...not
      > complaining...).
      > But I've been nauseaus and vomitting...(I actually
      > thought I was
      > having a heart attack...yes at 23...) so I decided
      > its about time I
      > went. They did a bunch of tests and gave me this
      > weird thing to
      > drink "pink lady" ...and today...I have no more
      > pain! I'ts
      > completely gone!
      > I have to go back for an ultrasound, and they are
      > going to refer me
      > to a gastro(i don't know how to spell the type of
      > specialist) doctor,
      > at the hospital for me to see.
      > They think maybe it was my gall bladder. Weird....
      > But I feel relieved, no more aching annoying pain
      > under my darn rib
      > around to my back! YAY! And I'm not out of breast
      > from walking to
      > the bathroom either. (This from someone who runs 5
      > days a week for
      > an hour on a treadmill...go figure...)
      > Sondra

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