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6382That pain in my side

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  • hootershooter@excite.com
    Jun 26, 2001
      Ok..that pain that WAS on my side...it's gone! It's been there for
      like 6 months...constant....

      Yesterday I went to the hospital because it got extremely bad, and my
      heart was just pounding, and pulse and I haven't been able to eat
      much for the last two weeks (dropped 10 pds,...not complaining...).
      But I've been nauseaus and vomitting...(I actually thought I was
      having a heart attack...yes at 23...) so I decided its about time I
      went. They did a bunch of tests and gave me this weird thing to
      drink "pink lady" ...and today...I have no more pain! I'ts
      completely gone!

      I have to go back for an ultrasound, and they are going to refer me
      to a gastro(i don't know how to spell the type of specialist) doctor,
      at the hospital for me to see.

      They think maybe it was my gall bladder. Weird....

      But I feel relieved, no more aching annoying pain under my darn rib
      around to my back! YAY! And I'm not out of breast from walking to
      the bathroom either. (This from someone who runs 5 days a week for
      an hour on a treadmill...go figure...)

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