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628Re: Digest Number 34

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  • kalidurga@webtv.net
    Feb 2, 2000
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      I find it so strange that mot people are never told about hep a and b. I
      know years ago, think hep a was considered a gay mans disease, because
      supposedly they had unsafe sex, and were diganosed with it alot. I have
      knowa alot of people who have had hep b. I know hep b is extremley easy
      to catch. I am lucky for working at a hospital in 1989 to1995. I was so
      aware of diseases and viruses because I worked with patients. we had
      some thing called "universal precautions " where u assume every patient
      as something that can be spread through blood or body fluids, including
      stool. i worked with tb ( sputum ) patients, hiv, hep a, b, and c. I
      feel it is unfortunate that alot of doctors wil just assume the general
      public is knowledgeable of whatthe medical world knows.
      The comment about vaccines by somone.
      I have had the Hep B vac, and was told it was good for life, than read
      in a medical book it is only good for 3 to 5 years. I am anxous to be
      vaccinated for hep a and b, but cautious about maybe down the line
      having something awful happen because of it. I dont trust the medical
      comunity, especially after working in it.
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