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    Jun 9, 2001
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      I know I may sound like a broken record but for me
      freshly ground flax seed daily has been a great help
      with my occasional mild depression, without side

      I am curious about the salt minimum tho.

      "It is never a very good idea to completely give up
      salt.5 gm salt every day (one flatenned teaspoon full)
      is your minimun requirement and it wont upset your BP.

      Dr Sharat C Misra MD, DM"

      I don't eat many prepared foods (potato chips many 3
      or 4 times a year, for instance), nothing with blood
      in it, and we don't cook with salt. I am fairly
      certain there are many days or weeks at a time I don't
      get that flattened teaspoon of salt. Two questions:

      Is there some symptom of salt deficiency I would
      notice myself? What should I be looking for? (Okay,
      so I am only counting that as one question :-)

      Is it the salt itself that is needed or the sodium?
      If so, could I be getting enough sodium through diet?
      I do use Braggs Liquid Aminos instead of salt, and
      that does say it has some naturally occuring sodium.
      I am sure other foods also have high sodium levels.

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