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6073Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] a question on after treatment

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  • Doc
    May 31, 2001
      Osteoporosis, which causes fragile bones and bone pains, also develops early in liver disease so you
      should be on supplements of calcium and Vit D3

      Dr Sharat C Misra MD, DM

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      From: Suzy Balone
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      Sent: Friday, June 01, 2001 12:57 PM
      Subject: Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] a question on after treatment

      Thats wonderful that you arer stil undectable, Can't remember what genotype
      you were? I also have a lot more bone pain. Does anyone know if this is
      common, am also 47 and going through menopause so thought this might be some
      of it. Any ideas??
      Thanks and good luck Jessie.

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      Subject: Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] a question on after treatment
      Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 21:18:56 -0700 (PDT)

      Hi All,
      It has been awhile science I have wrote.
      I have just had so much energy lately. I have been of treatment almost 5
      I feel so much better, I still get the brain fog but not as much. My
      bones hurt allot more than they did before treatment and when I get
      tired I have got to just lay down I can not longer force myself to just
      go on. I have slowed down allot. I no longer work I was a manicurist for
      17 years the fumes are no good for me. Of course being on treatment has
      just about wiped us out. At least my ins. paid for most of the med. But
      no job and all the other stuff that went along with treatment cost a
      bundle. I have just had to change my way of living. Thank God for pic n
      save and the 99 cent stores. I applied for SSI last Aug. been turned
      down once I know have a lawyer, so we will see. But it has bee worth it
      I am know nondetecable and have been for almost 5 months. I think I just
      about had all the sides affects you could have.
      Thank god for a good doctor and great liver doctor. So for any of you
      just starting treatment hang in their. This is a great sight they really
      know whats going on and a very caring bunch.
      I am know starting to see a Homeopathic doctor I found a real good guy
      he knows allot about Hep-C. But I will continue to see the doctor they
      will work together.
      So today I feel like I am one luckie 51 year old lady In Chino Calif.
      Take Care

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