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598Re: starting medication

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  • Curlykew
    Feb 1, 2000
      Peggy, the pen is super. I am scared to death of
      needles, hate hospitals, etc....but give all my
      own shots now for 3 months. I am here for you
      also and wish u the best!! I re emphasize the
      water...Schering nurse told me 1-2 gallons a day.
      I also cut out my addiction to diet coke. No room
      for more than the clear juices and water. Think
      my thyroid must be kicking back in gear
      though...have lost 20 pounds since started in Nov
      99...not sure if that is good or bad...but do
      make sre eating good...fruits and veggies...avoid
      red meat...but lots of time don't have any
      appetite. And dont sleep much...need to remedy
      that . But am seeing a counselor who may have a
      psych test me for depression...DUH!! like dont
      have anything to be depressed about!!! i have
      marital and teen problems and new job too. so
      hanging in there. Sounds like you are ready and
      we all are here for you. Keep checking in!!

      My message to you: Don't worry, be happy!!
      Love to hear from YOU!
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