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597to Peggy: starting meds!

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  • Claudine Crews
    Feb 1, 2000
      Dear Peggy,
      I know if you are feeling anything like I did you are feeling excited,
      scared, nervous, apprehensive, and mostly glad that "day one" is finely
      going to be here and over with. All the waiting, anticipating, that was the
      hardest thing for me! But you still sound like you're sane so I guess
      you've held up great!
      They didn't have the pen back when I did the combo but I've heard it's
      really easy. That putting ice on your thigh idea of Jessie's is a great
      idea! Even with the old fashioned needle/syringe deal the injections really
      don't hurt, but still, no pain is even better! I bet that might help with
      bruising too, which can happen occasionally.
      You sound like you're ready, both physically and mentally. Having a
      good attitude will help you through this. That first shot will be rough but
      you are strong and can do it! If you need advice, moral support, or just a
      shoulder to cry on you can e-mail me, I'll be checking my mail frequently.
      (I have another e-mail friend who will be starting meds too, on Saturday).
      My thoughts and prayers will be with you.
      Best of luck!

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