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5917Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] question: stadol etc

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  • Tatezi
    May 10, 2001
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      I'm so glad you don't have any liver damage....you are truly blessed.

      > Yeah, I can tell the difference between a sinus induced migraine and a
      > reg migraine.

      You are lucky there too...I miscalled many a headache over the years and
      by the time I realized it was a migraine and not sinus, it was too late.
      Tension in my neck and shoulders wasn't a clue for me....there was
      always tension and knotted muscles in that area.

      > I talked to my gastro nurse today, you know the one been giving me the
      > brush off the past 3 weeks I've been asking for help. She said
      > sometimes stadol doesn't work.

      Sometimes I would think that death would be preferable to the pain that
      was going on in my head. Many times you can disassociate yourself from
      pain in the limbs, etc....but there is no way to disassociate from pain
      in your head.

      > I don't know what is wrong but this certainly isn't right :)

      I agree and my thoughts are with you that someone will get to the bottom
      of what is going on. Western medical professionals are just infuriating
      when they don't listen to us....like we don't know when something is
      wrong in our body.

      > I will call primary in the morning and see if he'll take a postdated
      > check, usually he does.

      I'll be sending positive thoughts your way...if you have a good
      relationship with your MD and he is a caring person, he should be
      willing to work with you.

      > I need an objective person to assess whether to continue anti d's and
      > which ones are best for me without making me groggy and dull minded.

      Have you ever thought about or tried the herb St Johns Wort? I've heard
      nothing but good things about it from people who do take it but have no
      personal experience. Although my chinese medical practitioner
      recommended I try it, I haven't been able to afford to add it to my
      regime....hopefully my payday on the 15th will allow me to start on it.
      I've had a tough couple weeks due to one of my cats having to get a
      triple mastectomy.

      > Are there any generic antidepressants?

      Depends on what country you live in. Canada has generic antidepressents
      but our american pharmaceutical companies hate to give up those big
      bucks. Again, if you've never tried St. Johns Wort it might help you.

      > Well I've used drugs in my youth, but didn't consider it a "problem"
      > as I sort of grew out of it I guess you'd say.

      The same with me but when doctors know that you did any drugs at all in
      the past they tend to judge you based on that. They sure are a narrow
      minded group of people...as a rule since not all are like that.

      > Drugs aren't a problem till they make them chocolate and sweet :)

      When I was doing all those headache clinics and things, I learned that
      two of the worst food allergy causes of migraines were chocolate and
      pork. Just thought I'd pass that along.

      > You may be speaking of Inderal. I also have Imitrex, Zomig and Maxalt,
      > but if it is sinus in origin, those don't do much.

      It was Imitrex that I was thinking of....but don't know anything except
      what the commercials on tv say about it.

      > Normally I do Tai Chi and meditate for stress but I've been so wiped
      > with no energy, I do good to walk from room to room.

      Both of those are excellent for stress, but when fighting a migraine it
      is next to impossible to relax enough to do either of them. I bought a
      relaxation tape that uses deep breathing and progressive relaxation
      techniques and found it helped me alot...I needed that guidance.
      Progressive relaxation is tensing various muscles starting with your
      feet and then relaxing them, sinking into whatever you are lying on. You
      work your way up from your feet to even your tongue. One nice thing is
      it teaches you to recognize when your muscles are relaxed.

      Sure hope I was able to help you in any little way. My heart goes out to
      you with what you are going through right now and I'd really like to be
      able to do something that would help.


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