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5912Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] question: stadol etc

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  • jessiefromchino@webtv.net
    May 10 9:50 AM
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      Hi All,
      I to am a little behind in my e-mail. But hear goes. Alley-Pat you have
      such a way with words and putting them down on paper. I totally know
      what you are going thru because everything you say I have been feeling,
      the migraines head ache the sweats and All. My sinus have been going
      Crazy I thought it might be the birds I have so I have been butting them
      out every day and giving them a bath all the time. (poor birds) I am so
      tired of going to the doctor all the time with this and that she must
      think I am crazy. But you but it all down on paper just the way I have
      felt. Thank you so much. You have been such a part of my life this last
      year and a half. Reading your e-mails has got me thru so much.
      Claudine thank you so much for all your info. It is helping me so
      much and I am able to tell my doctors how I feel and get across to them
      what I mean. I hope I make scenic.
      It is so hard for me to write down how I feel or want to say I
      only have a 9th grade education(think god for spell check)
      But today I just feel the need to tell you all how I feel and thank you
      so much.
      This has been a long journey and not over yet. I am off treatment 4
      moths know. I went to the liver doctor last week and had a thing done
      where he goes down your throat with a scope. For got what it is called I
      go back to the doctors on mon. to find out the results, will let you
      know more then. I picked up a viruses last week and it kicked my butt.
      But am feeling good know. I am going to make a apt. with a health and
      wellness doctor next week. I am going to try herbs and vitamins know
      that I am feeling better and off treatment. Thank You All So

      E-Z DOES IT
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