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5811Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Genotypes

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  • claudine intexas
    Apr 11, 2001
      I think Milk Thistle is THE most important
      "alternative" item you can take for your liver. There
      is plenty of evidence, mostly from Germany, that it
      really can help protect the liver. I have come to
      believe though that it is important to make sure you
      get a good, reliable brand, one with a good
      reputation. I used cheaper brands for a long time and
      so no results. Two brands that I know of that studies
      have been done with, and do have very good
      reputations, are Maximum Milk Thistle
      (www.liversupport.com) and Thistylin. I have a
      "subscription" to Maximum Milk Thistle, and a three
      months supply is automatically shipped to me via UPS
      every three months. I love it, it's very convenient.
      I also feel better and my LFTs have gone down since I
      began taking it. I have also read several studies
      about vitamin E helping the liver. I take 800IU
      Did your husband's doctor say how much scar tissue he
      had? Usually they will give it a score - like stage 1
      or 2. As for his viral load, if it's only one
      million, that is not too bad, but it sounds like he
      had the same lousy viral load test that I just had.
      Mine stopped counting at one million, so I could have
      one million and one, or a hundred million. BIG
      difference. It seems like his doctor would want a
      better test done before treatment starts, to get an
      accurate count. It doesn't make any difference with me
      since I'm not on treatment.
      Take care,

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