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5751I was wondering

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  • Constance Dickson
    Mar 27, 2001
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      Well as I said, I was wondering if anyone knows what
      the content of Fuji Novell AAA batteries is. I just
      got back from the ER. The battery is leaking
      something out the negative end to it. I called Fuji
      and was told by a Chet that they do not contain acid
      and he has never heard of them burning someones skin.
      As you know I have weird crap happen to me all the
      time...smile...The odd thing about it is I took the
      batteries away from a neighbors 2 year old and he did
      not get burned by them. He had been squeezing them in
      his hand. As soon as I felt the burning I immediately
      started putting cold water on them and also washed his
      hands along with my hands and face. I must have
      touched my face felt it first on my hand. It was
      almost instantaneous from the touch to the burning
      sensation. The one burn is weeping a bit of blood
      from it. The ER gave me a Tetanus shot, some
      antibiotic ointment and some pain pills...I am
      wondering if maybe it was a reaction to some of the
      meds..................Take Care, Connie
      PS. The end is corroded and leaking fluid (they are
      new). It has to be something pretty strong to corrode
      metal, wouldn't you think?

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