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  • claudine intexas
    Mar 4, 2001
      I am so glad to hear that you have finally finished! I
      don't know anything about the eyes, mine didn't get
      real bad on treatment, but it never got better either.
      The eye doctor said it was just normal aging, so who
      knows. The rest of me felt pretty good within 4
      weeks. Be sure and keep us posted on your lab tests.
      Good luck!

      --- Suzy Balone <suzybalone@...> wrote:
      > Jessie and ALL,
      > All right , two months off treatment , I myself
      > have finished tx as of
      > yesterday, so am still waiting to feel good,
      > hopefully I will!
      > Does anyone know how long it might take for your
      > eyes to return to
      > their previous state? Was wondering how long I
      > should go after tx to get
      > an eye exam. I am so excited and wasn to thank each
      > and everyone of you for
      > the support, prayers, and generosity of your time
      > and knowledge shared on
      > this site as well as other sites.
      > Brain fog was getting pretty bad at the end,
      > hopefully that will clear also.
      > If my sinuses would clear, it would be great!! I
      > will go in Monday for my
      > final blood work, to see if I am still undectable,
      > then will let you all
      > know
      > Suzy
      > PS
      > Good luck on your three month test Jessie
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