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5496Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Question re Stroke & Rebetron

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  • Tatezi
    Mar 3, 2001
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      Been taking prozac and haven't had any problems with depression.....just
      every now and then get overwhelmed with crankiness. The liver guy gave
      me xanax and it has helped considerably with the crankiness so maybe
      it's anxiety related. Don't know how that can be, but my body and mind
      seem to be strangers to me any more.

      Don't really want to switch antidepressants if at all possible. My
      doctor prescribes a double dose for me which keeps me and my mother
      supplied. Since my dad's death, prozac turned my mom's life around. But
      with medicare not covering it and at $200 a month for the prescription,
      she really can't afford it.

      And sleeping....I started having a problem sleeping even before starting
      tx. Blamed it on my bed being old and bought a new bed. Blamed it on my
      cats....seemed I couldn't stand to have them in bed with me any more.
      Finally it reached the point where I wasn't sleeping at all (like for 3
      weeks)....just kept getting up and walking around the house. Also had a
      problem holding my legs still.....couldn't sit and watch tv or read or
      anything. I don't know if this is related to the hep or tx or not, but I
      was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome. Since then they've had me
      taking Klonpin at night and once again sleep is not a problem. Since
      this was starting before I started treatment I doubt it is treatment
      related but maybe tx exacerbated it? I have no clue, just glad to be
      sleeping again.

      The worst thing is the blasted brain fog. I can't remember anything any
      more. And I'm so spacey all the time....can't concentrate on anything.
      Watch TV and 5 minutes later can't remember what I watched. Can't focus
      on reading....can't concentrate. Can't wait for this to end...sure hope
      it does end.

      > I forgot, what anti depressant are you on? I found a good anti d
      > helped me a lot with the irritabileness and I slept better.
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