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5456Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Question re Stroke & Rebetron

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  • claudine intexas
    Mar 1, 2001
      Hi Tatizi,
      It is the interferon that causes the thyroid
      problems and crankiness, but it could be both the
      interferon and your thyroid problem causing the memory
      problem. I was told by one of the Be-In-Charge nurses
      that both interferon and ribavirin can cause
      depression and that depression is more of a problem in
      those on combo, as opposed to mono therapy, but I
      really haven't seen any info confirming that. As for
      interferon alone as maintainence, that really wasn't
      what I was saying. I think you should keep doing the
      ribavirin as long as possible (well, at least a year -
      I don't think it's been tested for safety when taken
      longer than that) even if you need a reduced dose,
      since it improves your chances of sustaining a
      response. However, interferon used alone is being
      studied now as a maintainence therapy for
      nonresponders to help keep fibrosis or cirrhosis from
      getting worse, and maybe even improving the condition
      of the liver. Good luck!

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