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  • gidoctor@usa.net
    Jan 29, 2001
      Hi Sara,
      I can understand your confusion for it is a bit different with yahoo
      I am posting a new mail as to the options you have with our list
      functions meanwhile continue as you were doing before , you are
      already subscribed.

      Dr Sharat Misra

      --- In GIWorld-Hepatitis@egroups.com, srw1954@a... wrote:
      > Hi Dr. Misra and everyone,
      > I'm a bit confused with this new Yahoo system. I went to subscribe
      on the
      > Yahoo website, but it says that I couldn't join (the group was full
      > something like that?). I've been with this GIWorld group for about
      a year
      > now, and even though I haven't written in quite a while, (but read
      > faithfully), shouldn't they know that I've been with the group?
      > will I still get Digest emails like before, or do I have to go to
      the Yahoo
      > website to read all of the messages? When I clicked on this
      message (below)
      > on the Yahoo site it kept kicking me out saying that I wasn't in
      this group,
      > so I went back to the email (Digest #424) and hit reply from
      there. Am I the
      > only one having problems? I don't want to lose you guys. I'm
      going for my
      > 6-month PCR test on Thursday, and want to be able to give you the
      good news
      > if I'm still non-detectable, or get your support if I'm not.
      > Take care everyone,
      > Sara
      > In a message dated 1/29/2001 11:23:34 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      > GIWorld-Hepatitis@y... writes:
      > > Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 21:25:46 -0000
      > > From: gidoc@v...
      > > Subject: Yahoo Groups
      > >
      > > Dear List Members,
      > > YahooGroups have brought from today there own interphase for our
      > > list. You can communicate freely as you were doing earlier
      > > any interruptions using the same email commands.
      > > However if you want to manage your mail account on the web then
      > > have to link your email with a yahoo ID. The web page of the list
      > > offers us several more features as well. The link for the webpage
      > > appears at the top of each mail.
      > >
      > > Let me know if you have any hiccups over this!
      > >
      > > Dr Sharat C Misra MD, DM
      > > List Owner
      > > GIHep World
      > >
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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