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  • Tatezi
    Jan 1, 2001
      Welcome to our group Ray.

      I treated my Hep naturally for a year and a half with herbs, vitamins,
      nutrition and stress elimination. At the end of that time my counts had
      doubled and I decided to go for the treatment.

      And I've been pretty lucky with the tx. My sides have been pretty minimal.
      Now if this genotype 1b will just respond...and I'll find out at my 6month
      PCR in 2 weeks.

      So feel free to let us know what you are doing with your personal treatment
      plan. Someone might have some good tips for you...and I'd be glad to share
      everything I did (or didn't) do.


      Ray N wrote:

      > I would like to introduce myself. My Name is Ray Norman and I have
      > hep-c I don't do traditional meds because I cant take the sides. I
      > take herbs for my hep-c and Pray that will keep me in check tell the
      > time comes that there is allot easier way to deal with the hep-c. I
      > think what ever works for who is great for them. I am just after
      > knowledge and am willing to share what I can. Also I am 51 had active
      > hep-c for up tell a year and a half ago. I still test positive and
      > pray someday to see that change. My quality of life has been better
      > in my last 1 and 1/2 years than ever before. I can honistly say I am
      > a happy hepper. Not because I have it because I hate what it has done
      > to my friends. I hope I am not rambeling on. I just want everyone to
      > know I am here and who I am.
      > Ray
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