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  • Constance Dickson
    Jan 1, 2001
      Hi Ray, I am Connie. I really understand what you
      mean, when you said, what Hep C has done to your
      friends. I guess they just don't understand and
      except it. I have no other reason that I can think
      of, or, want to think of, for them to be that way. I
      currently am not on meds either. Do you know your
      Genotype? You will meet a lot of nice wonderful,
      people here and get support from them also. Take
      Care, Connie
      --- Ray N <rolden@...> wrote:
      > I would like to introduce myself. My Name is Ray
      > Norman and I have
      > hep-c I don't do traditional meds because I cant
      > take the sides. I
      > take herbs for my hep-c and Pray that will keep me
      > in check tell the
      > time comes that there is allot easier way to deal
      > with the hep-c. I
      > think what ever works for who is great for them. I
      > am just after
      > knowledge and am willing to share what I can. Also I
      > am 51 had active
      > hep-c for up tell a year and a half ago. I still
      > test positive and
      > pray someday to see that change. My quality of life
      > has been better
      > in my last 1 and 1/2 years than ever before. I can
      > honistly say I am
      > a happy hepper. Not because I have it because I hate
      > what it has done
      > to my friends. I hope I am not rambeling on. I just
      > want everyone to
      > know I am here and who I am.
      > Ray

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