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  • Constance Dickson
    Oct 1, 2000
      That is fantastic Winnie, hope he stays that way. My
      PCP was up on the latest meds, I suppose he did not
      think learning stopped once you get the diploma and
      just leave it to the required continuing education
      that the State requires. I miss him and his nurse
      Jeannie also. They were very supportive. They are
      with Cigna Health Care. Even though an HMO he never
      had any qualms about refering me....Connie
      He was the one that found the HCV.
      --- RLWINNE@... wrote:
      > Connie
      > I have not taken that antibiotic yet but am writing
      > it down to suggest next
      > time I have to take them. Sounds like the European
      > way to take the
      > prescription is the way to go. Remember when you
      > got sick you went to the
      > doctor and they gave you a shot of Penicillin a
      > couple of prescriptions and
      > you usually felt better the next day. They don't
      > hardly do that any more I
      > wonder if it is the Insurance companies fault or
      > Penicillin just doesn't work
      > any more. Now it takes a couple days to get the
      > stuff into your system to
      > make you better. Oh well the good old days when
      > life seemed alittle easier
      > and most of the people here didn't have Hep C or
      > didn't know they had it yet.
      > It still amazes me what we have gone through this
      > past year and how we found
      > a way to deal with all of it. You find out a lot
      > about yourself and your
      > family when a chronic illness hits you or a loved
      > one. I'm rambling - thanks
      > again for the info Connie. Stay positive!!!
      > One of our friends who was on the combo for a year
      > and a half just got his
      > first test done after being off of it for 4 months
      > now and he is still
      > undetectable and it was great news for all of us
      > here to get in the support
      > group we belong to here in town.
      > Winne

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