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3762Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Get the Show on the Road

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  • Ken & Pat @home
    Sep 2, 2000
      <<My doctor said he does not put people on anti-depressants just "because it
      might happen". However, he did tell me that if I need them AFTER I start
      treatment to let him know and he will perscribe.>>

      ok here's my uneducated opinon...


      It takes WEEKS for antidepressants to fully kick in. On combo you go postal
      in SECONDS.

      What do you do in the interim? Ask him that!

      I got my "kit" (video and bag etc) when I went to the training class.

      Well, I guess Tylenol might work. Maybe some herbal tea? I'm sure someone on
      here has some good advice for that one :)

      ICQ 12631861
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