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3755Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Get the Show on the Road

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  • Ken & Pat @home
    Sep 1, 2000
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      Lora.... I'd call the pharmacy manager and complain and expect your extra 2
      weeks supply to be covered for that $15 you already paid. Use your power to
      COMPLAIN LOUDLY and make a difference :) Who knows when the next hepper
      might thank you for it :)

      I used to do my shot at nite. Cause everyone telling me how awful the sides
      were. However, I feel much better doing treatment than I did with the hep
      sides I had before!! No more joint pain and no more muscle aches.

      I've moved my shot to the am now, cause after 3 months buildup in my system,
      it acts like a stimulant and why not sue that to my advantage? haha since my
      doc recommends as little caffeine as possible.

      My pharmacy part of my insurance is covered by Caremark. I pay $15 brand
      name/$5 generic for a months worth of meds (not the combo) at any pharmacy
      or I can have 3 months worth of a prescription mailed to them to be shipped
      to me for $15 (for name brand), $5 for generic.

      Now the combo is sent FedEx directly from the Caremark supplier. I get 3
      months of combo for $15.

      Some insurances allow you to get 3 months if you have the script mailed to
      them and they can mail it to you. Check out yours and see if they do.

      You never know what your sides will be, and they will change over time. My
      doc recommended taking ibuprofen or tylenol about 30 minutes before and take
      as needed. I never needed it, but many others do. Your doctor will help you
      (or should) with any sides you may experience.

      I hope you are on a good anti - depressant prior to beginning treatment!
      Interferon is a known depressant. It screws with your brain chemistry. And
      antidepressants usually take at least a few weeks to kick in fully (and you
      can't just stop them immediately.. they must be weaned off)

      I began taking Zoloft and wow did I notice that I immediately slept much
      better, and had more energy as a result! But it made me feel kinda dull, so
      I tried Celexa. It wasn't for me, so now I'm on Effexor XR and it seems to
      be just the right one for me. Sometimes it takes trying several to find the
      right "fit".

      Good luck! And let us know how it goes

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