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3746Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Get the Show on the Road

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  • claudine intexas
    Aug 31, 2000
      --- Lorad8@... wrote:
      I have an appointment
      > with the nurse on
      > Thursday, September 7 to learn how to inject, etc,
      > and will give myself my
      > first injection there. My appointment is for 11 am
      > and I am a bit concerned
      > about the sides hitting around mid day.

      Hi Lora,
      I would not worry too much about doing your
      injection at 11:00am, or whenever you finally get in!
      :) I know you hear to inject at 'bedtime' so you can
      sleep through the side effects, but for me, there was
      NO sleeping through THAT! I found doing my first
      injection at night, when I was exhausted, keyed-up,
      nervous, etc., from anticipating all day long, just
      made things worse for me. Not being so tired may give
      you that extra bit of strength needed to cope better
      with the usual awful side effects of the first
      injection. Things always seem worse when you are
      tired. So try to look on the bright side! When I was
      on treatment I kept doing my injections earlier and
      earlier, until I came to what was the 'right' time for
      me. (About 1:00pm) My sides always took 8 - 12 hours
      to hit, so by doing the injection earlier I finally
      got to the point where I could sleep though the worst,
      and feel halfway good the next day. Before I started
      injecting early I could barely function on the days
      following the injection. My experience is not very
      uncommon at all, either. Many people don't feel the
      effects of the interferon for several hours. It can
      really vary at lot. Try to pay attention to how it
      effects you so you can tailor your injection timing to
      what works best for you. Remember, the first
      injection can be pretty rough, but the next ones are
      much, much easier. (Those next ones you can probably
      sleep through!)
      Good luck to you!


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