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2778Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Digest Number 203

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  • alley/Patricia
    Jul 3 6:52 AM
      Thanks Marty for your input.

      I live in the Dallas area of Texas :) HEAT is something I used to enjoy
      before I got hep!

      The fatigue and intolerance to heat are not new to treatment for me. I'm in
      month 2 (forgot the week). Last year I had to rent a car for the summer to
      go to work cause our car with the a/c, the a/c stopped working.

      Yes I've found smaller more frequent meals help me feel much better.

      I will try the morning sugar thing. I guess that is one of my "sides" of
      treatment, the exhausted fainty feeling in the a.m. Or I may have felt that
      way before treatment but just hurt so bad I never knew it.

      But I'll sure take this fatigue over the hurting I did before treatment.
      Once I'm over the morning fainty thing, I feel fine and enjoy the day :)
      Till I wind down, and then it's lites out till I recharge.

      Thanks again!

      ICQ 12631861
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