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2776Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Digest Number 203

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  • byteme
    Jul 2, 2000
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      Dear Patricia:
      You are experiencing something that many people experience. It is
      usually caused by one of two things and can be easily dealt with. I have
      found that most people get this because their sugar levels get too low.
      I am not talking about measuring it the same way we do diabetics, but,
      your body is not releasing, or absorbing the sugars as it should. By
      drinking something sweet, or eating something that has sugar in it,
      usually relieves the symptoms. Also, to make sure your body is not
      making up it's own rules, eating smaller, more frequent meals also seems
      to help.
      My wife went through this, and, 7 weeks after stopping therapy, she
      still gets this feeling. The other common cause of symptoms like yours
      is your blood pressure being too low. This is relative to what you body
      believes it needs. If your brain does not feel it has enough oxygenated
      blood to go around. As a protective measure, it will force the blood
      stream to first make sure the vital organs have what they need.
      These include the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, etc.
      If it suspects you are not getting enough, or that you are not
      removing enough waste products from your system, it cuts the flow to
      all the "unnecessary" body parts. These include legs, arms, and other
      areas with major muscle groups. If you are able to fight it long enough,
      it will actually make you pass out to protect itself.
      In the heat, when you are working towards trying to make all your
      organs happy, it becomes that much more difficult. It's like a room full
      of teenagers at a party. They all want to be at the party, but some want
      to dance, the guys are trying to act in a manner to impress, (or be a
      jerk), for the ladies, the guys have one thought on their minds, and it
      may not amount to anything. You may have some that want pizza, some want
      snacks, some may be doing drugs, or whatever.
      But the fact remains, that as the host you have certain guidelines
      that will be followed, because it is your house and you make the rules.
      They can follow them or leave. You know some will try to "bend" them a
      little, and they are looking to see how far they can go. This is normal
      and healthy.
      Everyone can work together towards having fun without any problems.
      But, if someone(s) are going to cause a problem, you want to calm it
      down as early as possible to avoid any potential real hassles. That may
      mean having some go to one part of the house and others to another
      The body is not much different, and if the rules are broken, they
      can leave, or, you can throw them out. But, someone has to be in control
      and try to make the majority have a good time. That is what your body
      will do-it will set up some rules, and if something unusual happens,
      such as excessive heat, or similar, then it either separate parts out,
      or ends the party until it has control again.
      Just make sure you get a lot of fluids. Eat small meals more
      frequently, and take breaks as you need them. I hope that the fatigue
      may not get any worse, and that may be reasonable. Where are you, week
      wise, in therapy? Your body will still have the fatigue to some extent,
      but, you also may be one of the stronger people that will overcome this
      easier then others, so you may already have passed the "normal" worse
      Just take one day at a time. By the way, where are you located?, I
      think you told me once, but I forgot. Please stay in touch and keep up
      the positive and good work. Marty
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