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26Re: Doctors need to be more educated on HEP C

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  • RLWINNE@xx.xxx
    Jan 10, 2000
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      Understand what you have gone through - my husband had this for years with a
      skin disease that the doctor misdiagnosed 4 years saying it was all kinds of
      things but what it was - we finally went to a dermatologist who said he had
      porphyria on his hands and arms which was a classic sign of Hepatitis C we
      had the tests done and went onto the GI doctor and on to the Rebetron
      treatment which took a few months to go through with the Ultra sound they do
      and liver biopsy - so far so good the treatment is working - yes doctors
      should be more educated or care more about their patients when they can't
      come up with the right answer - all the medicine he had him on hurt his liver
      more the last 4 years - thank God we finally got the help we needed and
      steered in the right direction. My husband had fibrosis one step from
      cirrhosis by the time we got the help we needed.

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