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2396Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Husband Newly Diagnosed

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  • Claudine Crews
    May 31, 2000
      Dear Judy,
      It's too bad this has happened to you and your husband, but you have
      come to a great place for info and support.
      I can't believe how fast everything is moving for you! It took me a
      couple of months to get to where you are. Your husband has two things going
      for him right off the bat. Genotype 3a's usually respond well to treatment.
      And he has a low viral load. Going just by that he has a really good
      chance of responding to treatment. Hopefully his biopsy will come back good
      Don't let anyone rush you into making decisions until you've had a
      chance to research and learn, so that you make an informed choice. This
      disease normally progresses very slowly, so there is no reason to jump into
      anything until you've had a chance to learn about all your options, and feel
      comfortable with whatever you choose to do.
      Good luck,

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