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2099biopsy done!

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  • alley/Patricia
    May 5 12:47 AM
      Hi yall! Well it's 3am Friday morning and I've got a sinus headache waiting
      for meds to kick in. Went to ER 2am Tues morning with same darn thing. I
      couldn't take any aspirin or ibuprofen to head it off when it started cause
      I had biopsy this week (I guess they didn't want any blood thinning meds in
      me for biopsy). And I didn't have anything else to take so whamo. They gave
      me imitrex at the hospital. Then called my doc (cause it wore off at work)
      and got zomig and some fioricet (sp). That seems to help too.

      Well wed I did it! I had my first biopsy! I'm no longer a biopsy virgin
      ahhaha. It was a breeze. My Doc is very good. A little sting of the
      lidocaine and pop! it's done. Course laying on my side as boring but I read
      and napped. Hopefully will know results today (friday) or Monday. I hate

      Nope no MRI no ultra sound etc. This guy is good let me tell you. He does 2
      or 3 biopsys every wed. He tapped around to find liver, marked the spot, and
      it's done.

      Which means I didn't need any pain meds :( hahahaha

      Anyway just wanted to share that with yall. Have a great friday!

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