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16448Hep C and Alcohol

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  • scarletpaolicchi
    May 6 7:44 AM
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      As far as the alcohol and hep c goes:
      "An Italian survey showed that alcohol intake doubles the risk of hepatocellular
      carcinoma in HCV-infected patients who drink 41 to 80 g of alcohol per day
      (between 3.4 and 6.7 drinks) and quadruples the risk for patients who drink more
      than 80 g of alcohol per day."
      It is from an article by the National Institute of Health

      Here is another good quote on the subject:
      "Patients infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) who drink heavily are likely
      to suffer more severe liver injury, promoting disease progression to cirrhosis
      and increasing their risk for liver cancer. Some research, although not
      conclusive, suggests that even MODERATE DRINKING may spur liver damage in
      HCV–infected patients. "
      It is from an article on Hepatitis C and Alcohol by the NIAAA
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