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16382Fw: World Hepatitis Awareness Day is Fast Approaching!

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  • Micky Woolf
    Sep 24, 2007
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      For your information - you probably know about it, but it is important to
      spread the word so that October 1st is very well remembered all over the

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      From: elpa-president
      Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 3:29 PM
      Subject: Fw: World Hepatitis Awareness Day is Fast Approaching!

      World Hepatitis Awareness Day is Fast Approaching - Materials Available NOW!

      Dear groups linked to www.hep-links.com,

      As you may be aware, World Hepatitis Awareness Day (WHAD) is on 1 October
      and is fast approaching! With the aim of increasing awareness of viral
      hepatitis (B and C), WHAD encourages people at risk to get tested and
      focuses government attention on this 'silent killer'. I am pleased to
      provide you with a brief update on some of the activities planned for WHAD
      2007 and an outline of some of the materials available for your use to
      spread the word about hepatitis in your regions.

      Media Event - Brussels
      Kicking off WHAD is a media event in Brussels on 1 October. The event aims
      to increase awareness of viral hepatitis among at-risk groups, the wider
      population, patients and healthcare professionals by highlighting the
      importance of early diagnosis. Speakers are now confirmed:
      Nadine Piorkowsky, ELPA President
      Professor Jean-Michel Pawlotsky, EASL Scientific Secretary
      Professor Gerry Stimson, public health sociologist and Executive Director of
      Dr Nikolai Mühlberger from the Dept. of Public Health, Medical Decision
      Making and Health Technology Assessment of UMIT (Austria)
      Sam Roddick who will read the speech prepared by her mother, the late Dame
      Anita Roddick

      WHAD animation - Now live!
      Meet Dennis! - Dennis is the star of our animated film and he is going to
      tell us his story about hepatitis C and how not to become infected.

      The animation is fun and quirky but with the serious message, "If you've
      done these things, GET TESTED!" At the end of the animation, you are
      encouraged to visit www.hepatitisday.info

      Web resources - Now live!
      The WHAD website (www.hepatitisday.info ) has a new look! The website is
      designed to blend digital medium and viral communication methods to make a
      much higher impact - and to provide a reason for people to send the website
      to friends. Here you can find information on hepatitis and download
      materials to help with your October 1st activities.

      Poster and flyer
      A number of patient groups contributed to the design of a poster by choosing
      the language combinations for each poster. You can add your patient group
      logos to the posters before printing. Your designer/printer can assist you
      with adding logos, if necessary.

      There are 13 versions of this poster to choose from in all with different
      language combinations. The posters shown below can be downloaded from the
      new website at www.hepatitisday.info now. To find out about other
      combinations' please contact Katy at kpolley@... and request the
      print ready file now!

      WHAD postcards
      A selection of contemporary postcards has been designed and supplied as
      final artwork files. These are available to download now from
      www.hepatitisday.info. The contemporary design will encourage people to pick
      up the postcards and direct people to the WHAD website.

      If there is any further information that you need, please contact me at:

      Nadine Piorkowsky,
      President, European Liver Patients Association
      Phone: +49 (0)2225 18476

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