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16304HCV Saliva Test In The Works - question to doc, if possible!

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  • rustymikki
    Feb 13, 2007
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      I was wondering about this news. If HCV can be found in saliva
      samples, does that mean that HCV can be transmitted by body fluids?
      Because up to now we learnt that HCV is a blood-born disease.
      if anyone has a reasonable answer, please!
      HCV Saliva Test In The Works

      Epitope and LabOne are developing a test to detect HCV antibody by
      measuring the HCV anti-body in saliva. The test will feature
      Epitope's OraSure oral fluid collection device, which is already used
      in tests for HIV-1 antibody and for five common drugs of abuse.
      Measuring antibody to HCV in saliva could lead to wide scale testing
      since it would be cheaper, more convenient and less painful than the
      current method by obtaining a sample of blood.

      The saliva test would detect the presence of HCV antibody only.
      Antibodies are developed within 6 months of exposure to HCV. 10-20%
      of individuals infected with HCV clear the virus on their own - that
      is their immune system eliminates the virus from their body. A saliva
      test would not indicate acute or chronic infection or presence of the
      virus. Viral load tests would be required to identify active

      According to a company press release, approval of the saliva test is
      expected within a year.

      Source: Company press release