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  • claudine intexas
    Apr 13, 2006
      You definitely want to avoid vitamin/mineral supplements with iron. That is the biggest, although not the only one to watch out for. Any thing that is stored in fat, vs. being water soluble, should be taken in no more than the maximum RDA, and less is probably safer. Fat soluble vitamins are: A, D, E, and K. You also need to be cautious with the B vitamin Niacin. It can cause liver damage in very large doses. All minerals you need to be cautious with, but since the liver often doesn't metabolize some properly it is easy to become deficient. Many people with liver disease are deficient in magnesium. In order for things like calcium and magnesium (and really all vitamins and minerals) to be best absorbed and utilized within the body they need to be taken together and in the right proportion. Sometimes this can be very hard to do. I continually find that mineral supplements tend to have not enough calcium and magnesium for the amount of vitamin D they put in there. The best
      calcium supplement I have found is Citrical Plus with Magnesium. All doses are safe when taken at no more than 4 a day. More is probably OK in some people. It has B-6 in it a a high dose, but it doesn't become a problem until more than 2000mg daily. Most vitamin supplements don't have enough minerals, and its usually best to take a mineral supplement separate from vitamins anyway. As for iodine, most people get all they need if they use iodized salt.

      The very best source of all vitamins and minerals is in the diet, not supplements. However, most of us don't eat the way this would require!


      Pamela Venus <goddesspv@...> wrote:
      I'm looking for the best multivitamin for my husband, Philip, who has Hep C.
      I know it needs to have no iron, low vitamin A-what about iodine? I thought
      that was contraindicated for something-I can't remember if it was because of
      the Hep C or his thyroid? Is there anything else that should be avoided in
      a multivitamin? Thanks,

      Pamela Venus

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