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16027Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] FW: NATAP: Milk Thistle Study Found No Benefit

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  • claudine intexas
    Dec 28, 2005
      I didn't think this study (or more accurately, a review of other studies) really answered any questions.

      I will also keep taking milk thistle. About 8 months ago I realized I was accumulating a large stock-pile of it since I get an automatic shipment of a three month supply every three months and I had gotten very sloppy about taking it. My AST and ALT had been running about double the upper limits of normal for several years. I decided to double the recommended dose of milk thistle from 3 per day to 6 per day and see if it made a difference. After 6 months my AST was normal and my ALT was only 4 pts over normal. I thought that was pretty good. I can't say for sure if the milk thistle made the difference, but I do think it works much better when I actually take it instead of leaving it to sit on a shelf in my cabinet! :)


      avansi7465 <avansi7465@...> wrote:
      Well, at least it doesn't do any damage...........so.......considering that my liver.........for the first time.......is showing signs of regeneration, I think I'll stick with the program, which does include Milk Thistle.
      Happy New Year!

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