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15949Am i still infectious

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  • Girish Antony
    Nov 8, 2005
      Dear Sir/ Madam

      My Hepatitis B lab results are

      Sep 2003 HbsAg Positive

      Hep B Core ToT EIA Detected

      Hep BE ABS TOT EIA Not Detected

      Mar 2005 HbsAg Positive

      Oct 2005 HbsAg Positive

      HbeAg Index value Negative(0.6)

      HbcAb-Igm Ab to hepatitis B Core Antigen Serum
      Negative 0.06

      HBV DNA Quantification be real times SDS Below 3.8

      Do i still have Hepatitis B virus in my blood/system .
      Am i still infectious, can i pass Hepatitis B
      infection to my sexual partner.Please mark a copy to

      Warm Regards

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