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15655Re: started treatment today

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  • Mark Middle Mountain
    Feb 28 1:20 PM
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      TX guys. It really hasn't been too bad so far, maybe it will get worse but
      until then....

      I did do a clean out before startign, I don't know if that made a
      difference. Ate only fruit and fruit juices for 4 days, then 2 days water
      with 1 tablespoon fresh lemone juice, 1 tablespoon maple syrup, and 1/4
      teaspoon gound cayenne in a each glass. Then 2 more days furit and juices
      and 2 days slowly returning to regular diet. I felt better after doing that
      and my theory is that by cleaning out the sides would be easier. Maybe it is
      just psychological.

      I'll have to see but not intimidated yet :-) Of course, with cirhossis, my
      normal life is pretty low key already so no great cultural shock to go thru.
      Will see how I feel in May when the summer soccer season starts, that will
      be the real barometer. I am emotionally coaching myself I may not be able to
      play so if I can't I won't be too disappointed, and if I can, yeeha !
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