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15407Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Coffee--more feedback please

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  • Shshonee (Alley)
    Nov 8, 2004
      Maybe that's what it is about coffee that bothers me too. I can't drink much of it, tho sometimes I really like it, especially when it's reeeally cold out, but I don't care for American coffee at all (which probably means Columbian, though I've not had the good stuff, the stuff they only sell in Columbia and won't ship to the U.S.). I love Douwe Egberts, from The Netherlands, and Senseo, which is a DE product. www.senseo.com I like the Senseo machine because it makes one or two cups, small cups, 4 ounces, and that's enough for me. In the mornings, hubby drinks a pot, which means 6 cups worth. Now, tea on the other hand, is my drug of choice. Vitamin T lol. with or without sugar. Tho I prefer it with, that's how we do it in the South, I drink it without most of the time cuz I have enough weight has it is and don't need any help in that dept. lol. The hep symptoms keep me too sedentary as does my occupation.

      Let us know what his doc says.


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